Palmer Sorjan - A Modern Serif

Palmer Sorjan – A Modern Serif


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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


Palmer Sorjan – A Modern Serif

Palmer Sorjan – A Modern Serif with beautiful ligatures, Unique alternative , multilingual support with perfect kerning, classy characters, giving you a unique look for any branding or design need.

Palmer Sorjan – A Modern Serif. This typeface is perfect for an elegant & luxury logo , classy editorial design, women’s magazine, fashion brand , cosmetic brand, fashion promotion , modern advertising design, invitation card, art quote, home decoration , book/cover titles, special events, and much more.

Features :

  • Palmer Sorjan TTF.
  • Palmer Sorjan OTF.
  • Palmer Sorjan WOFF.
  • Ligatures Features.
  • Alternates.
  • Works on PC & Mac.
  • Simple Installations.
  • Accessible in the Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, even work on Microsoft Word.
  • PUA Encoded Characters.
  • Fully accessible without additional design software.
  • Support for 69 languages detected by (fontdrop).

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  • If you have any question, critique or anything about this font.
  • If you have difficulty and need help please send a message to Contac Us.
  • In order to use the beautiful swashes, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign and Corel Draw. but if your software doesn’t have Glyphs panel, you can install additional swashes font files.
  • You can visit our website ( ) for other great fonts.
  • Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • I hope you enjoy our font!

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Meet Palmer Sorjan, a modern, serif-themed typeface that combines the beauty of classic design with a contemporary twist. Designed with attention to detail and aesthetics, the Palmer Sorjan is the perfect choice for design projects that require a balance between classic style and a modern feel.

With its sharp lines and soft serif angles, Palmer Sorjan creates a unique visual harmony. Each letter is carefully thought out to strike a balance between traditional elegance and modern clarity. Each character brings a touch of elegance while remaining easy to read, making them a great choice for a variety of design needs.

Palmer Sorjan’s advantage lies in its flexibility. From logo designs to promotional materials, from magazine layouts to wedding invitations, this font is able to convey strong character and personality in a variety of contexts. Its sharp typographical highlights give text an eye-catching look, while maintaining readability.

Palmer Sorjan – A Modern Serif Features:

  • Elegant Balance: The perfect combination of classic serif design elements and modern clarity, results in a stunning, easy-to-read font.
  • Style Variations: There are a variety of bold, italic, and regular styles that allow for creative exploration in your designs.
  • Unique Characteristics: Each letter is designed with a unique character, giving each project a personal touch.
  • Ease of Integration: Provided in multiple file formats that are compatible with various design software, making it easy to integrate into your project.
  • Versatile: Suitable for many types of projects, including print and digital designs such as posters, brochures, websites, and more.

With Palmer Sorjan – A Modern Serif, you get not only a beautiful typeface, but also a powerful tool to communicate your message in a unique style. From creative projects to business needs, this font is a smart choice for those who value aesthetics and clarity in typography. Perfect your design with an elegant and modern touch from Palmer Sorjan.

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